Getting Your Podcast Out There

A successful podcast needs an audience. This means your content has to be high quality, useful and easy to understand. It helps if you can make people smile as well! In a nutshell, people need to want to keep coming back and listen to your next episode. With great content and a professional sound, you will need to be noticed.

Make it Stand Opodcastut

Cover art is the image people see when scrolling through lists of podcasts. Create an interesting and engaging image to have a better chance of being considered by an audience. With the eyes drawn to the fantastic cover art, a great description will pull potential listeners in. Ensure you focus on the listener and how it will benefit them to listen to your show. Explain what your show is about, how it can help them, how frequently new episodes are released – include as much details as possibile, but don’t over do it! Don’t write too formally, simply be yourself and engage with likeminded people. Be sure to contain several keywords in the description, that the listeners you are trying to attract are likely to search for, such as “online casino”. The title of your podcast is also important. It should be relevant, but more often than not… The simpler, the better.

Get Listed

The first step in getting your podcast out there is to get it listed on iTunes. iTunes has a dedicated section for Podcasts, which has launched many into the heady heights of stardom. They have a few requirements, but submitting your podcast is fairly straight forward. Simply follow their guide and if it is accepted it will appear in a maximum of two weeks. Aside from iTunes, there are many other places to list your podcast. A quick Google search will provide you with many other sites.

Engage Your Listeners

Use your blog webpage to speak to your audience, create discussions and ask for reviews. Blogs are a great way to interact with your listeners and can be linked to similar sites, in order to cast the net even further.