How to Create Your Own Podcast

If you think you can add a fresh spin on the world of online casinos, why not create your own gambling podcast? It takes a little bit of effort, but for the most part is an enjoyable way of getting your views across to like minded people. Podcasts can also be used to effectively shine a light on some of your other endeavours. If you write a blog for example, the two can go hand in hand!

What Do You Need?

A successful podcast can be created with a small amount of inexpensive, simple recording equipment. Depending on whether you want to create an audio podcast or a video podcast, you may or may not need a camera.

  • Microphone – A noise cancelling mic is essential for reducing background noise and sounding professional. A full head set640px-The_Podcave_home_studio_update_(179160280) is a good idea.
  • Voice recording software – You will need decent software in order to edit your recordings and put them all together nicely. There are many options out there nowadays, including some fantastic, free apps that work just as well as the paid software.
  • An idea – Most importantly you will need your own, unique concept. You could simply speak about the goings on in the online casino world, or offer advice. You are only limited by your imagination.

Podcast starter kits can be bought for less than £100, which will typically include a microphone, mixer, headphones and software.

Preparing and Recording

With your equipment gathered, it’s a good idea to write down some content. Come up with subjects or themes for shows and decide what you will talk about. Writing a loose script is a good idea, but try not to follow it to the letter, as you may sound robotic. Use this script to transition from one topic to another throughout your show.

Before recording, test the software and make sure it works as you want it to. Then simply record what you want to say. Take your time, speak clearly and passionately to get your point across effectively. Record the audio file and use the software to edit it as necessary.