Uploading Your Own Podcast

Once you have created your podcast and will have edited the audio file to your liking, it’s time to upload it. First of all, ensure that the audio file is saved as an MP3, as this is the preferred file type for Podcasts. Give it a relevant name, such as the episode number and the name of your show. It’s best to be well organised.

Create a Website to Host Your Podcast

The first step is to create a simple website, on which to host your new podcast. The easiest way to do this is to create a free, online blog, using a platform like WordPress for example. Create an account and start a blog, using the same name as your podcast. A simple website can be set up within an hour.

Create an RSS feed

This is a useful step and will help your listenedownloadrs/viewers get your latest podcasts quicker. An RSS feed basically allows users to subscribe to your website. They will be emailed about updates as soon as you publish them. This way, they’ll never miss an episode. To create an RSS feed, go to “Feedburner” and when prompted, type the URL of your new blog. Tick the “I am a podcaster” check box and follow the next steps. This is quick and easy to complete and will allow users to subscribe to your content.

Upload Your Podcast

The next step is to upload your podcast online. There are many free file hosting sites you can use, such as SoundCloud or Podomatic. For video podcasts, YouTube is the best option. Sign up and follow the steps needed to upload a file. Once done, copy the link. Next, return to your blog and create a new post. You can add notes on the blog post to inform your audience as to what the subject of the podcast will be. At the end, paste the link to your audio file. Once the post is live, the RSS feed will be updated and your first episode will be online for all to see.